Though he describes himself as ‘just a gardener,’ not a designer, Dove’s sophisticated sense of color, texture and scale is abundantly clear even from the curb.”
— The Seattle Times

Thoughtfully nurtured green spaces.

Every garden is different. Every client is different.

It’s my job to bring your vision to full-blooming life, whether you’re creating a new landscape or revitalizing an existing one.  

I’ll spend time in your garden, studying its microclimate. I’ll browse the nursery with you to learn what you like. And I’ll show you which of those plants will best fit the conditions of your yard.

I’ll take into account the architecture, the scale. I’ll play with color and texture and light. I’ll work strategically to solve your garden problems. And I’ll do it all with meticulous care.

Together, we’ll find the right plant, for the right place, and create a garden that provides you and your family a sense of well-being that nurtures the soul.



Gardening consultation

Plant selection

Plant installation


Vegetable gardens

Organic gardens

On-going maintenance
- weeding, mowing, pruning

I bring my knowledge of plants and architecture, expertise in organic gardening, eye for design, heart for care and maintenance, and penchant for perfection to every garden I encounter. 

Whether a new garden or revitalizing an existing garden, I will devote indefatigable, focused attention to the project, resulting in a beautiful showpiece of a garden that provides a sense of well being that nurtures the soul.

I provide gardening consultation, plant selection, plant installation, and on-going maintenance (weeding, mowing, pruning, etc.). Proper plant selection and installation, as well as on-going maintenance are key elements that will ensure your garden has continued health and growth. Meeting and listening to you about what you have seen and experienced in your garden, as well as spending time in your garden allows me to be able to provide these services effectively and efficiently throughout the year and for the life of your garden.

My gardening services are performed organically. I choose and install plants that best fit the conditions of your yard and that allow you to fulfill your vision of your garden.

Jon has a keen sense of color and can visualize a garden in its many stages of growth and season.”
— Gale Myles, Seattle


Call 206-795-4067 between 9a – 8p daily, or email me at, and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss all your gardening needs.

Thank you.